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Slope - North Dakota
   The church was founded on 16th April 1908 in a sparsely populated region in southwest Dakota. Seven years later it was divided up because it covered an area too wide to be covered by one church. The congregation did not have it's own church building but they were given a two acre filed to use as a graveyard. Otherwise it has been difficult to assemble very much information about this congregation. I have had contact with Dan and Donna Sandvik, who live in the area. Dan has heard of the congregation there, where his grandparents were members. Up to now, however, it hasn't been possible to find any more information.
Less than 1000 people live in Slope County, in an area larger than the State of Rhode Island. The county seat, Amidon, is the smallest county seat in the USA with only 24 people......READ MORE

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Fra Slope County.Bildet er tatt på tilbakeveien fra Amidon til Marmarth.