90-årsjubileum, Aitkin Co. MN.
Forside til jubileumsskriftet.

     The church, which is just south of Red Top is still in use with a small but active congregation. Many of the Norwegians who settled here came from the area where pastor Muus in Holden Congregation, Kenyon operated. This is most probably the reason for the choice of name as there is no indication that immigrants from `our' Holden settled in the district.

     The town lies just north of Minneapolis and also took in many Swedish immigrants. There was apparently a red-haired young Swedish girl living in the area. She was the most popular young lady in the town and was known as “redtop” on account of her hair, and from this comes the name of the place. Red Top is in Idun Township - named after Brage's wife in Norse mythology.
Twenty-six Norwegian inhabitants of the town started the congregation on 8th November 1895. Fourteen years later they built a church. Today's descendants of these people are proud that the church is named after Holden in Norway